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Railway Safety Systems

MODEST-MARSHAL is fully electronic marshaling system at high-end technical level. It was developed according to newest european standards CENELEC EN 50 1xx and it was assessed as system at safety integrity level SIL3.

MODEST-MARSHAL system excels in availability which is based on quality modular HW and unique SW solution. Reliable HW uses commonly available but highly reliable industrial PC computers and PLC ALLEN-BRADLEY. PLC manufacturer guarantees availability of spare parts even 25 years after their production program is finished.

MARSHAL addresses both control of single switches and route setting for particular uncoupled cars. It also controls braking so that the approach speed on the destination track does not exceed required speed (e.g. in CZ it is 1m/s). Rail brakes can be installed in up to three sets and in each set there can be multiple brakes on one rail installed.

System work with automatic detection of weight and position of uncoupled cars. Car movement is monitored by track-circuits or axle counters.

MARSHAL is highly universal. It cooperates with both hydraulic and pneumatic brakes. It can be also equipped with meteo-station for correction of braking according to actual weather conditions. Furthermore system can transmit signal aspect onto engine or it can control shunting speed directly.

MARSHAL excels in high quality of marshaling process. It minimizes risk of damage caused by human errors - injuries of people in the yard or cargo damage.

Základní technické parametry
Fully automatic mode yes
Number of controlled brakes > 150
Accurate occupancy measurement yes
Remote diagnostics option yes
Optional IS connection yes
Fully electronic solution yes
Hot back-up yes
Target braking enabled
Automatic report generation yes
Hump yard throughput > 10,000 wagons / day
  • High safety level SIL3 according to the European standards of CENELEC
  • The system´s scalability from simple braking automation up to fully automated mode
  • Increased hump yard throughput and minimized damages during the marshaling process
  • Elimination of operators´ mistakes and considerable savings of jobs
  • Exact monitoring of track occupancies enables precise target braking
  • High reliability and excellent availability given by 2oo3 redundancy (hot back-up)
  • Top diagnostics
  • Low construction & maintenance costs