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Tramway Safety Systems

SwtichMaster is intended for controlling tram point machines from various manufacturers. Vast possibilities of changing operation parameters on site.

User interface with graphical display enables diagnostics without any special equipment.

Automatic blocking of the next point in the tram direction. Manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic switch throwing.

Measuring and checking of the switching time with timely warning of slow operation. Integrated control and electrical point heating check based on digital measurement of outdoor temperature, with possibility of remote manual control. Power supply dispatcher can block heating in case of a danger of exceeding fifteen minute consumption limit.

Základní technické parametry
Power supply 9-33 V DC
Consumption 6W (24V)
Protection IP20
Module Dimensions 213 x 50 x 110 mm
Temperature range -20 ... +70°C
Electrical insulation 4kV AC
Mounting DIN rail 35mm
  • Compact module with user-friendly and easy maintenance interface
  • Hydraulic and electromagnetic point machine control
  • Four aspects signalling according to individual customer requirement
  • Contact, contactless and data control interface
  • Fully automatic route setting according to the number of line, destination or tram number
  • Securing of the point area by three independent safety elements
  • Measuring the approaching and passing speed at the switch point
  • Easy and low cost maintenance which can be performed by customer
  • Detailed log of events in three independent places and comfortable remote access