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Railway Safety Systems

SmartSwitch represents a smart solution for applications where a small number of switches (max 15) is operated individually. Typically these are unsecured districts of railway stations with one or max. two engines. The traffic is not controlled by signals but only by instructions of operating staff.

To throw-over a switch command can be given by several means: local button-panel, central control panel, DTMF wireless station, shunter's mobile terminal (handheld), engine on-board computer. Switches can be set individually or route-wise.

Position of a switch is indicated by omnidirectional signal. The position can be also indicated on a button-panel, mobile terminal or on-board computer.

SmartSwitch is equipped with a switch occupancy check. If SmartSwitch is equipped with integrated axle counter it is possible to activate function which can operate switches according to the direction during trailing-point movement.

SmartSwitch increases the safety and protects health of yard workers. Switches can be operated without risky work in yard and physical effort.

Základní technické parametry
Max. number of controlled points approx. 15
Max. distance of the controlled point machine approx. 200 m
Max. distance of the remote control unit unlimited
Occupancy detection axle counter, track circuit
Remote control DTMF radio, handheld / Smartphone, on-board terminal
Remote diagnostics yes (SMS)
  • Economical solution for fail-safe operations of small numbers of points (typically 1 – 15)
  • Remote point control using wireless communication
  • The possibility of operation based on automatic determination of running direction
  • Reduced physical exertion and increased safety of workers within the rail yard
  • Excellent reliability
  • Top diagnostics
  • The highest fail-safety level SIL4 according to the European standards of CENELEC
  • The possibility of gradual implementation with cost distribution over time