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Railway Safety Systems

LEXIS is the most modern type of level crossing protection system with highest safety integrity level at SIL4.

LEXIS gets use of newest available technologies proven in practice. LEXIS can be equipped e.g. by occupancy check system which monitors space of level crossing by laser scanners. Engine drivers or adjacent stations can be informed about the state of level crossing via wireless communication.

LEXIS can be optionally complemented by the subsystem affecting car drivers which is based on the latest know-how from the cognitive psychology area.

Superb diagnostics is matter of fact. Information about the traffic and the system itself are recorded. In case of failure it possible to inform the service personnel via wireless communication to identify faults and minimize downtime. Modular architecture together with high HW reliability and 2oo2 or 2oo3 redundancy scheme provide an exceptional availability of level crossing protection system LEXIS.

Flexible configuration of LEXIS makes possible to offer optimal solution for wide range of level crossing variants and thus enable use of this system in locations where existing systems would be uneconomical.

The very heart of LEXIS is the APEX. APEX is a safe controller certified to SIL4 safety level.

Základní technické parametry
Safety level SIL4
Max. number of tracks 10
Max. no of flashing lights 10
Max. no of gates 10
AC power supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz
DC power supply 10 to 33 V DC
Diagnostic data storage 1 year
  • Fully electronic protection system suitable for any level crossing configuration
  • Designed for operators of mainline, regional, industrial and urban railways
  • The highest safety level (SIL4)
  • The highest availability reduces crossing downtime and rail and highway traffic delay
  • Simple design, powerful functionality
  • State-of-the art preventive diagnostics
  • Remote monitoring/testing/reporting capability
  • Scalable, modular and compact built-up
  • Easy installation
  • Significantly reduces total ownership costs