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Railway Safety Systems

EDGE is light warning suitable for installations into the road surface or pavements. EDGE represents an ideal complement to alert for road cars and eventually for pedestrians before potentially dangerous situation.

EDGE consist of control unit, set of LED lights and optionally of solar power supply.

LED warning lights are installed directly into road or pavement. Typical example of EDGE application is placement in front of level crossing of railroad and road/path. Control unit triggers an alarm according to information about approaching engine.

Great complement of EDGE system is optical monitoring of LED warning lights which can detect failure of the equipment and thus increases the safety.

EDGE can be optionally equipped with acoustic alert and activation of other additional means which helps to reduce probability of an accident. Such means could be flashing light, warning notice board with text messages, backlight of traffic signs or camera (recording) system.

EDGE is unique for its reliability, flexibility and affordability. This equipment significantly contributes to increase safety of level-crossing.