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Railway Safety Systems

BrakeMaster is a system for rail brakes control in hump yards. It controls exit speed of uncoupled cars from brakes to preset fixed value. It measures weight and speed of uncoupled car and adjust braking force. It can control hydraulic or pneumatic rail brakes.

In basic mode the exit speed is constant. Although it allows change of required value. Exit speed can be set either manually by operating staff (based on experience and car movement observation) or by superior system.

Superior system can be MODEST Marshal which calculates required exit speed from car parameters, destination track and its occupancy. Speed controller BrakeMaster then slows down the cars to the calculated speed.

BrakeMaster is an ideal solution for small hump yards where it automates the most errorprone activity. Manual braking of uncoupled cars demands experience and intensive training of new personnel. BrakeMaster minimizes risk of damage caused by human errors – injuries of people in the yard or cargo damage.

Základní technické parametry
The possibility to control pneumatic brakes yes
The possibility to control hydraulic brakes yes
Range of output speeds 0 – 7.0 m/s
Maximum distance of the speed regulator to the control place 1.8 km
Maximum distance of the controlled brakes to the speed regulator 1 km
Regulation accuracy 0.2 m/s
  • Automatic speed regulation of cuts
  • The possibility to control both hydraulic and pneumatic retarders
  • Enables either semi-automatic, or fully automatic operation
  • May be used as an autonomous system, or as a component of the MODEST-MARSHAL
  • Increases the quality of the marshaling, and reduces costs for damages
  • Reduces number of shunters in the railyard
  • High reliability
  • Low construction & maintenance costs