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Railway Safety Systems

BARRID is designed for use of single or double side mount barrier. Falling time is adjustable within the range of 10 to 15 sec.

BARRID is usable for existing installations or any new level crossings. Entry barriers can be automatically lowered in case of power cut. Exit barriers or manually operated barriers can be set to be lowered on command.

Optionally the barriers can be locked in horizontal position (typical for entry barriers). Raising and locking in current position is a typical configuration of exit barriers. Electronic regulation ensures soft starts and stops. Modular design allows quick replacement of system parts

Základní technické parametry
Maximum barrier beam length 12 m
Falling time 10 - 15 s
Raising time 10 s or 6 s
Power supply 19,2 - 28,8 V DC
Environment temperature from -40 to +70°C
Shaft diameter 55 mm
Locking in horiz. position enabled
  • Hydraulic barrier drive
  • Maximum barrier beam length 12 m
  • Regulable time of barrier beam falling and raising
  • Barrier beam falling on command or automatic in case of power cut
  • Possibility to connect beam lights
  • High reliability
  • Easy and lowcost maintenance
  • Ecological operation