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Metro Safety Systems

TRINITY is fully electronic interlocking system of top quality designed for motion control of subway vehicles in depot. It fulfills the highest safety standards at SIL4 level. It is based on uniform HW and SW platform called NEXUS. Exceptional availability yields from its modular architecture and ease of diagnostics. System benefits from our experience we have gained during past 25 years of computer based interlocking system development.

High availability is reached both by highly reliable HW and 2oo3 redundancy concept. Commonly used fail-safe principle based on parallel processing and mutual checking of two replicas of control application (2oo2 concept) is extended by third replica (2oo3) which serves as hot backup.

Interface between automatons and external elements of interlocking is formed by electronic interfaces.

TRINITY architecture allows to create cost-optimal solution for any configuration and extent of depot yard. Flexible visualization system can safely visualize traffic situation on large LCD displays or via large screen projection.

System TRINITY is designed for client who are looking for quality with no compromise.

Základní technické parametry
Multi-operator workplace enabled
Remote control enabled
Remote/centralized maintenance enabled
Local diagnostics enabled
Connection to IS (Intranet) enabled
Radio control capability yes
Fully electronic solution yes
Safe visualisation and commanding yes
Hot back-up yes
Fail-safe concept 2oo3
  • The highest safety level SIL4 according to CENELEC standards
  • Control of depots of unlimited range due to system´s scalability
  • Safe local and remote visualisation and commanding
  • Automation of operations reduces demands put on operators
  • Cutting edge diagnostics
  • HW and functional modularity
  • High reliability and excellent availability given by 2oo3 hot back-up fail-safe redundancy
  • Low construction & maintenance costs