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Safety Controller

Safety Controller


NEXUS is the latest generation of safety controllers. Its primer intended use is control of safety relevant processes. These are especially applications in railway traffic where it is mandatory to fulfill highest safety target. NEXUS fulfills safety integrity levels at SIL4 according to CENELEC EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129 and EN 50159-1/2 standards.

Thanks to NEXUS modular architecture it is possible to create cost-optimal configuration of I/O modules. Unlike conventional safety controller NEXUS is specialized for use in rail traffic control applications. Together with standard safe I/O modules it also offers modules for operation of common types of switch-points and signals. Central controller module and diagnostic module are part of NEXUS module portfolio as well.

Due to integrated axle counter the price of control application is as low as possible.

The chosen architecture makes it possible to use NEXUS in distributed applications where wide variety of network connections and safe communication can be used.

Combination of powerful 32bit processors Freescale (Motorola) and high-speed communications predestines safety system NEXUS for most demanding control applications. Efficiency, flexibility, ease of use and maintenance together with great price allows systems, based on relays in the past, to be solved on higher generation level, both in terms of economy and reliability.

NEXUS offers both standardized redundancy 2oo2 scheme of control and 2oo3 concept as well.

  • Programmable logic controller with the 2oo2 architecture (optionally 2oo3)
  • The highest safety level according to the European standards of CENELEC 50 1xx and EN 61508
  • Safe on-line visualisation and safe commanding by a superior system
  • Tools for support of configuring, programming and on-line/off-line diagnostics processing
  • Modular structure
  • Optional choice of power supply sources from the AC and DC source series
  • High reliability and excellent availability
Basic technical parameters
Safety level SIL4
Sampling speed of inputs 5 ms
NEXUS overall capacity 26x I/O modules (for example 52 point machines, 156 signal lights)
AC power supply 100 to 250 VAC, 50 to 400 Hz
DC power supply 18 to 72V
Archive for diagnostic data 32GB