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Railway Safety Systems

Railway Safety Systems


Ancient Greeks used letter Tau to mark Golden section, perfect ratio in which ideal solutions in the whole universe occur. TAU represents perfect solution for small-sized railway stations. It comes out from the “bigger brother” GEMINI concept. It adapts its architecture for small-sized stations.

As well as GEMINI, TAU also meets the most strict safety demands at SIL4 level according to CENELEC 50 1xx standards.

TAU is ready for local and remote control. Diagnostic is available in the same way. Main goal of diagnostic concept is to minimize downtime of the system.

TAU represents an ideal economical solution for safe operation of rail stations sized up to 20 switches in controlled traffic point. For larger stations MODEST-GEMINI is more suitable. Its parameters and price make it a perfect solution for stations on regional railways or for private sidings in factories or mines etc.

TAU minimizes operating costs not only by low maintenance costs but also by saving the costs on the operating staff. TAU offers the possibility of permanent or temporal operation from the yard. E.g. when there is low traffic an engine driver can set routes or operate single switches himself and no dispatcher is needed.

TAU offers the most modern solution of top quality for unbeatable price.

  • The highest safety level SIL4 according to the European standards of CENELEC
  • Optimum solution for small stations or lines
  • Safe local or remote visualisation and commanding
  • Automation support for operators reduces demands put on operators
  • Top diagnostics
  • Modular structure
  • High reliability and excellent availability
  • Low construction & maintenance costs
Basic technical parameters
Number of controlled points approx. up to 20
Multi-operator workplace enabled
Remote/Centralized maintenance enabled
Local diagnostics enabled
Connection to IS (intranet) enabled
Fully electronic solution yes
Radio control capability yes
The most distant controlled point approx. 80 km